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stocks up and down :\ how about you?

From: Galen Franckowiak
Subject: stocks up and down :\ how about you?
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 21:51:17 -0800



··· NOT Bankruptcy
··· NOT Settlements
··· NOT Debt Consolidation
··· NOT Do-it-yourself Program

Dear Friend,
Let's get right to the point! We have a simple solution that offers you immediate relief. It is NOT bankruptcy. It is NOT debt consolidation. It is NOT a do-it-yourself program. It is NOT a settlement program where you pay off part of the debt.

1. Are you using credit cards to pay on other debts?
2. Are you making only minimum payments on your credit cards?
3. Are you never really reducing the principal on your debts?
4. Are you tired of avoiding creditors' phone calls?
5. Are you buried in credit card debt, or unpaid medical bills?

What do you need to know?

You'll take comfort in knowing, this is 100% Private, LEGAL, Ethical, Moral, Inexpensive, Effective, and will relieve you of the burden QUICKLY and PAINLESSLY.

You will learn...
·How "money", "credit" and "debts" are created in the first place.
·How the "assignment of a debt" without the consent of the debtor is null and void.
·What the banks don't tell you about your "debts", which you will find are not debts at all.

You can immediately lighten your DEBT, take the BURDEN off your shoulders, & be on your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Find out more!
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