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development version of vga console client code available

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: development version of vga console client code available
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 01:36:50 +0200
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I put a tar file with the current console-console code to

This contains some basic framework code with a bit of VGA display driver
code, nothing that works so far.  It does compile but not link because one
function that calculates the attributes of the characters is not
implemented.  Even with that implemented I doubt that it would work, because
the code has almost zero testing (most components have gone through some
basic testing, but the code as a whole has not, and it should be full of
typos.  You have been warned.)

I am only providing this for archival purposes and in case some hacker wants
to play with it over the weekend.  With a minimum amount of hacking it might
be able to be a read only console client in its current state.

The new feature in this code is a VGA system font to unicode mapping, which
allows to use the client without having any BDF font file.  The standard VGA
font will be loaded as a unicode font (for this purpose, the glyphs in it
are assigned unicode values).  The idea is that this font is kept around for
rescue purposes (a hot key combination will allow to activate this font at
any time), and use it as the initial font if no font file is loaded from the
command line (or if loading the requested font fails for some reason).

Also, the existing vga code in console/ was reused, but cut down for use
with libcons.


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Marcus Brinkmann              The Hurd http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/

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