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Re: OSKit-Mach and RealTek driver

From: Joachim Nilsson
Subject: Re: OSKit-Mach and RealTek driver
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 22:36:14 +0200
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Roland McGrath wrote:

Nevertheless, the question remains: Is there a way to use the BSD drivers available with the OSKit in Mach?

For block and net drivers that work in the oskit, there should not be any
issue in using them in oskit-mach.  That's what the oskit interfaces are
there for!  You just need to add the appropriate initializer calls and link
in -loskit_freebsd_dev or whatever it is you need from the oskit.
Great, but I was wondering if there was a way similiar to

   make kernel-ide+ethernet_FreeBSDNetworkDriver

to get them working?

If the make rule & friends is not yet ready then I'll look into it.


Joachim Nilsson /\ <http://vmlinux.org/joachim/>
Codito ergo sum \/ <joachim.nilsson@vmlinux.org>

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