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Re: preprocessor/7947: cpp0 -std=gnu99 rejects # comments

From: Neil Booth
Subject: Re: preprocessor/7947: cpp0 -std=gnu99 rejects # comments
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:22:38 +0100
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Marcus Brinkmann wrote:-

> That is my fault for not being precise enough in my bug report, sorry.
> The problem is that gcc calls the preprocessor with this ordering when
> compiling an assembler file (foo.S) with the -std=gnu99 option.
> Try "echo \# foo > foo.S" and "gcc -std=gnu99 -o foo foo.S", this triggers
> the bug.  -v shows that gcc passes -std=gnu99 to cpp when preprocessing the
> file.

Right, but everything you state is intentional.  -lang-asm deliberately
comes first, otherwise it would clobber various other flags the user
may have passed, such as -fdollars-in-identifiers, -trigraphs etc.

The problem you have is that -std=gnu99 applies to the C language, and
not to assembler.

What is the reason you need to pass the switch?  If it's to avoid a
spurious warning, we may be able to disable the warning if -lang-asm.
If it's to achieve some additional functionality, we may be able to
retain that functionality if -lang-asm.


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