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Re: looking for testers of new console

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: looking for testers of new console
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 03:58:55 +0200
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On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 09:54:46PM -0400, David Walter wrote:
> Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:
> > Note: You should not remove the existing entry.  At least not if you want to
> > be able to login locally :)
> >
> > Later, when the console client is started in the boot scripts, the console
> > entry should be removed (in fact, if you feel adventurous, you could try
> > that out for us and report back).
> I had tried adding  it  to /libexec/rc  at the  end, but it  complains
> about the terminal type.

Note that you should redirect /dev/console then.  Try Roland's new fsysopts
for term to do that.
> I tried   adding export TERM=mach-color  but it  failed still and then
> started the default console.

Do you talk about the ncursesw client?  I am not sure that would work.


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