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First release of the Guile console driver

From: Wolfgang Jaehrling
Subject: First release of the Guile console driver
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 18:19:02 +0100
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Today I quickly hacked together a console-client module that adds
Guile scripting support.  Currently, there are only three procedures
provided (additional to all of what Guile provides already):

console-switch ID
  Switch to console number ID.

console-switch-delta DELTA
  Switch to another console, specified by DELTA, which is a number
  relative to the current console.

console-input STR
  Send STR to the current console.

That is not too much, of course.  Also, the code that will be
evaluated for each key combination is hardcoded currently.  You see,
this is really just a single-afternoon hack so far.  If you are
interested anyway (and think you are able to figure out how to use it
on your own, by reading its code and that of the console-client), then
you can get it at <http://www.8ung.at/shell/guile.c>.  Put it in
hurd/console-client/guile.c and don't forget to change the Makefile.

Lalala, the Hurd is like sunflower seeds.


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