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Console-client xkb keyboard plugin

From: M. Gerards
Subject: Console-client xkb keyboard plugin
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 14:49:32 +0100
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At the moment I'm working on a xkb keyboard plugin for the console-client. I 
encountered some problems.

The first problem is the scancode to keycod translation. At the moment I've 
hardcoded this translation (XKB also works like this.). I'm not happy with this 
because this will cause problems for exotic keyboards. I'm thinking abut a 
configuration file for this so set 1 and set 2 can be used and even some other 
sets I don't know. I hope someone has an idea how to do this; maybe such 
configuration files already exists :).

Another XKB limitation is the Action structure. It is only 7 bytes big, so it's 
can't be used for strings like I hoped.

Another thing that confuses me are the symbols. Does someone know if the 
symbols are already in unicode or if they need to be converted. (The only 
unicode symbol I know is the EuroSign, I checked that one and it's symbol is 
also the unicode character).

The last problem are deadkeys. Deadkeys depend on the current locale, like many 
XKB options do. Most of these things are solved by glibc :)). I wonder if 
deadkeys are the same as unicode nonspacing characters. 

Yeah.. I know, I should study unicode (Especially non-spacing characters) 
because it still confuses me sometimes :). 

I will send a report of what I already did so far later this week.


Maro Gerards

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