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Re: gnumach2 and pcmcia

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: Re: gnumach2 and pcmcia
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 11:20:18 +0100
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gnumach and pcmcia status

First, this pcmcia support for gnumach will be only very limited. That
means only for simple ethernet network cards (no multifunctional cards, no
memory cards, etc.)!

Another good news is, that it's seems even possible to insert cards after 
booting. Of course, you should not remove a card which is used. :)

Known problems/bugs:
        * There are 3 different kinds of identifying pcmcia cards and right 
        now there is just one implemented (identifying by manfid). Following
        cards are recognized. But I have only tested the 3Com 572/574 card.

        {"3Com 572/574 Fast Ethernet", {0x0101, 0x0574}, DEV_3C574},
        {"3Com 589 Ethernet", {0x0101, 0x0589}, DEV_3C589},
        {"Connectware LANdingGear Ethernet", {0x0057, 0x1004}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"D-Link DE-650 Ethernet", {0x40, 0x0009}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Eagle NE200 Ethernet", {0x0004, 0x0004}, DEV_FMVJ18X},
        {"iPort 10Mbps Ethernet", {0x0274, 0x1121}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Kingston CIO10T Ethernet", {0x0186, 0x0110}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Linksys NP10T Ethernet", {0x0149, 0xc1ab}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"New Media LanSurfer", {0x0057, 0x0021}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Socket LP-E Ethernet", {0x0104, 0x000d}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Socket LP-E CF+ Ethernet", {0x0104, 0x0075}, DEV_PCNET},
        {"Accton Fast EtherCard-16", {0x01bf, 0x010a}, DEV_XIRC2PS},
        {"AmbiCom AMB8110 Fast Ethernet", {0x021b, 0x0202}, DEV_AXNET},
        {"NETGEAR FA411 Fast Ethernet", {0x0149, 0x0411}, DEV_PCNET}

        If your card is missing, please let me know. Do a 'cardctl ident' and
        identify the used card driver (e.g. pcnet_cs) under GNU/Linux and give 
        me the output.
        * Only the i82365 as pcmcia brigde is supported yet.

        * Cards which are removed are detected but not handled. That means
        a driver will be attached to a certain socket. There is no nice 
        way to tell the driver if it is finished with its work to go away. 
        This would need some interaction with a userlevel program.


ps: http://www.vis.ethz.ch/~wagi/oskit/ for the newest patch.

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