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Re: gnumach + oskit + pcmcia boot failure:

From: Laudney Ren
Subject: Re: gnumach + oskit + pcmcia boot failure:
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:23:24 +0800
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Hi, all:
I've moved my hurd partition to a primary partition instead of
the logical partition. I compiled gnumach and oskit without
Wagi's pcmcia patch and everything succeeded! I boot successfully.
I haven't applied Richard Kreuter's patch. I hope it can solve the
the logical partition bootup problem. (Originally, it will say
the device not found.)

Then, I applied Wagi's pcmcia patch and when boot up, the same error
message showedup (refer to my previous email about kernel trap

I'll take a look into the patch and hope to gain some findings.

Best Regards,

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