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Re: ioperm and pseudo devices

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: ioperm and pseudo devices
Date: 20 Nov 2002 15:52:07 -0800
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Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> writes:

> > Yeah, I was thinking of that.  In fact, the reason I became aware of that is
> > that I wanted to use another pseudo device with no ops for the proxy memory
> > objects (but for those I need a close function, so I made my own device ops
> > structure).  I know that this is lame, as one reason against a new kernel
> > object type for iopb was that it is machine-specific, and I don't have this
> > argument here.
> There is no excuse for that.  They have nothing whatsoever to do with each
> other.  The proxy object changes should be in vm/ and I can't see why they
> shouldn't work back-ported to 1.x (not that we care to do it).  There are
> IKOT_* values already unused and it's easy enough to add another anyway.
> The ipc glue code you need is trivially copied from the other ones.

Echo what Roland says here.  Don't use the device interface at all for
this task, create a brand new IKOT_ object.

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