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Re: Unionfs, looking up links and translators

From: Moritz Schulte
Subject: Re: Unionfs, looking up links and translators
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 11:12:55 +0100
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tb@becket.net (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) writes:

> That's actually not a problem, because each walk through the union
> fs requires a retry.  The library is supposed to keep track of how
> many retries it gets, and handle ELOOP itself.

Still, if you imagine many that users create a unionfs based on the
root filesystem in their home directories and each of them is
traversed by updatedb several times, this is clearly a waste of
resources in my opinion.

Ok, I think, I will continue working on unionfs and implement that
racy retry mechanism.  But to make it work without races an interface
change needs to be done.  If that is done, unionfs can be changed

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