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Hurd doesn't boot with 1024 Mb RAM

From: Gerardo Pirla Diaz
Subject: Hurd doesn't boot with 1024 Mb RAM
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 01:41:44 +0100
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Hi James,

First, many thanks for your help.

The problem was the ammount of memory, but uppermem doesn't work !!!

I've tried:

        root (hd1,1)
        kernel .............

And it causes a kernel panic !!!

Pulling out a ram stick, GNU/Hurd boots OK !!!

I've tried the grubs uppermem parameter with an L4/Fiasco kernel,
and grub works fine (is documented L4/Fiasco that doesn't boot
with more than 256 Mb)

Maybe a mach/hurd BUG ??


 Gerardo Pirla Diaz

--- grant@seinfeld.arrowstreet.com wrote:


I was reading somewhere that there is 700 and something MB limit on the ram. If the box with 1 GB of ram can't boot with the old grub
syntax than maybe pulling out a stick of ram might work.  I'm not
sure if that Ram issue was resolved tho.

Matt G.

There is no reason to physically remove ram from a machine.  GRUB has an
option, uppermem, that limits the amount of RAM the os booting from GRUB

James Morrison
   University of Waterloo
   Computer Science - Digital Hardware

Anyone referring to this as 'Open Source' shall be eaten by a GNU

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