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Re: Default pager ?

From: Harley D. Eades III
Subject: Re: Default pager ?
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 08:49:13 -0600
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M. Gerards wrote:

Citeren "Harley D. Eades III" <hde@grics.net>:

I am just strating out in the Hurd so far I am loving it. I hope to help with future Devolping/Maintaining/Error fixing in the Hurd. Right now I am currently working on a printing system for GNU/Linux and I hope to port it to the Hurd. It is a Free Software replacement of CUPS. My system will use the cups API but I am coding a interface that will be under the GPL unlike CUPS. Well anyway here is the question I just got Debian GNU/Hurd up and everything I do seems to give me a default pager err well anything that you have to exit out of ftp,tar, etc.. Is there any documentiaon on the default pager or is there a fix that I might need to apply thanks.

I aways thought CUPS is GPL'ed (http://www.cups.org: "CUPS is provided under the GNU GPL").

The default pager takes care of swapping. How much memory do you have and did you put a swap partition in /etc/fstab? Can you please copy the error message and give some examples how to trigger the errors?

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It was becuse I did not have the swap space in the fstab lol ;). Thanks for the help. And about CUPS yea I know I was reading some off the wall site and it said that it was not under the GPL so instead of atually looking I took the word of another human and just simply strated coding. SO I am just goinng to finish it and still make a HURD port. But I am goiing to make a m4 type of scripting for the filters to make easy for other people to add there own filters for there printers. And it will have full domcumention(info manual). Well anyway thanks alot.

Harley D. Eades III

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