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Re: uname -s and naming confusion

From: egan <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: uname -s and naming confusion
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:03:37 -0000
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Tom Hart wrote:

From my Oxford Dictionary of Current English (I'll avoid Merriam-Webster since it has several "bugs" involving the spellings of words like "colour", "honour", "theatre", "centre", etc.):

operating system (n.) basic software that enables the running of a computer program.

Sounds like BIOS on arcane architectures like Intel's 32bit.
Or maybe something even "lower", since BIOS is a "computer program".

Most of the definitions I have come across are pretty flawed. The best so far (in my opinion) are the "Resource Principle", "Beautification Principle" and "Principle of Levels" (disregard any speLing mistEkes).

But, I believe that they primarily describe a kernel of the operating system. But any program whatsoever, which enables *working with a computer* is, I believe, part of an *operating system*.

As some would say, Doom (or anything newer) is the best part of my operating system :)

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