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Hang while tracking sunrpc bug

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Hang while tracking sunrpc bug
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 11:22:04 -0800
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When stepping through glibc's sunrpc/rpcgen to figure out why stat is
broken, I got this far:

(gdb) step
__io_stat (stat_object=4294967295, stat_info=0x10179e0)
    at /disks/7/cvstree/build.glibc/hurd/RPC_io_stat.c:71
71              register Request *InP = &Mess.In;
72              register Reply *OutP = &Mess.Out;
99              InP->Head.msgh_bits =
102             InP->Head.msgh_request_port = stat_object;
103             InP->Head.msgh_reply_port = __mig_get_reply_port();

And then the task appears to hang.  Running 'kill' from the other window
hung that window.  How do I get more information on what's happening?

This only happened when I stepped through the program.  When I run it
completely it runs through this bit fine (minus the fact that stat seems
to be otherwise been broken since glibc-2.3.1 *g*)

Jeff Bailey

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