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[patch #1768] [Patch #1768] Adds non-std. resolution support and ncurses

From: noreply
Subject: [patch #1768] [Patch #1768] Adds non-std. resolution support and ncursesw bug-fixes
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 18:53:35 -0400
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Patch #1768 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Open
Summary: Adds non-std. resolution support and ncursesw bug-fixes


Date: Mon 07/28/2003 at 04:18
By: marco_g

Changelog entry:

2003-07-18  Marco Gerards  <metgerards@student.han.nl>

        * console.c (cons_vcons_update): Call setres for every display
        driver before the driver is used.
        (cons_vcons_set_cursor_pos): Likewise.
        (cons_vcons_clear): Likewise.
        (cons_vcons_write): Likewise.
        * display.h (display_ops): New  interface set_resolution.       
        * vga.c (vga_disp_op): Set NULL for set_resolution.
        * ncursesw.c (ncursesw_set_resolution): New function.
        (ncursesw_displ): Add ncursesw_set_resolution.
        (ncurses_lock): Make variable static.
        (current_width): New variable.
        (current_height): Likewise.

        (conspad): New variable.
        (input_loop): Use conspad instead of (the default) stdscr.
        (mvwputsn): Likewise.
        (ncursesw_update): Likewise.
        (ncursesw_set_cursor_pos): Likewise.
        (ncursesw_scroll): Likewise.
        (ncursesw_write): Likewise.
        (ncursesw_driver_start): Likewise. Initialize conspad.

        (ncursesw_driver_start): Remove endwin call at the end of the

        (ncursesw_set_cursor_status): If the status can not be set, try
        another status that can sanely be used instead of the unavailable

        (ncursesw_write): Make it wrap around the edge.


Date: Thu 08/07/2003 at 00:53
By: marcus

Please put the changelog before the patch in the patch file, so I can copy it 
from there.

Put a cons_vcons_set_dimension callback into the console, which is called from 
libcons refresh function (and possibly if the change records indicate the 
dimensions have changed, but that is not supported yet and isn't as easy, just 
focus on refresh and one-time initialization for now).

Then get rid of all these calls to the set resolution function.

The drivers also get a set_dimension function.  Resolution is the wrong word 
here (a resolution is for example pixel per inch, while this is really a 
dimension, more text cells will require a larger screen).

Please add keys to scroll the pad around, that allows you to at least play a 
bit with larger dimensions than screensize in ncursesw.

Please revert the breaking up of line in write of ncursesw, it shouldn't be 
required with pads.

After removing this endwin() you can just as well return 0 instead ERR.  'x' 
should release the lock and call console_exit() instead endwin and exit().


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