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[patch #1865] [Patch #1865] Add "SVGA" support to the console client.

From: noreply
Subject: [patch #1865] [Patch #1865] Add "SVGA" support to the console client.
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:30:01 -0400
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Patch #1865 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Open
Summary: Add "SVGA" support to the console client.


Date: Tue 08/26/2003 at 23:41
By: marco_g

This patch is far from perfect, I just uploaded so it won't get lost. I need to 
clean it up a bit and fix some issues and test it a lot.

The S3 driver is not good enough yet (No official specs yet...) and the clock 
programming code is not 100% save yet. So please be careful when using this 


Date: Wed 08/27/2003 at 21:30
By: marco_g

This new patch makes it possible for the user to configure the monitor.  The 
interfaces are updated, bugs are fixed and the code is cleaned up.

What needs to be done:

- Test what happens when no fonts are installed. (is this acceptable?)

- Improve handling fonts with widths of 8 and 9. Suggestions are welcome.

- Implement some more functions like DPMS handling and setting the sync type. 
(Can I test this somehow?).

- I need to program the clock more carefully. I do this in the vsync now, 
perhaps the output needs to be disabled aswell.

- More testing is required. (Volunteers?)


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