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[patch #309] [Patch #309] ihash rewrite

From: noreply
Subject: [patch #309] [Patch #309] ihash rewrite
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 17:10:39 -0400
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Patch #309 has been updated. 

Category: libihash
Status: Open
Summary: ihash rewrite


Date: Sun 08/17/2003 at 09:17
By: marcus

I gave libihash a face lift, which includes the following:

* All data types and functions put into the hurd_ namespace.

* static initializer, and possibility to inline the struct hurd_ihash.

* More data types for clarity.

* Unsigned keys, to prevent overflow of signed data type.

* Overwriting existing keys works correctly now.

* Doesn't use even prime 2.

I also changed all callers except pthread to use the inlined version of the 
hash, because it is the Right Thing to do.


Date: Wed 08/27/2003 at 23:10
By: marcus

New version, which also has the following exciting features:

* it works

* maximum load, default 80%

* quadratic probing

* Doesn't require any memory for location pointers (all values must have the 
locp in the same offset, though)

* iterator macro instead function with callback


For more info, visit:


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