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Re: We want to join the developement

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: We want to join the developement
Date: 06 Sep 2003 00:21:23 +0200
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"anand narayan vidwansa" <anandvid@rediffmail.com> writes:

>           We are a group of  3 students appearing for our final year
> Computer Engineering  course.We are supposed to work on a software
> project and we are very much interested to do a  "CIFS  Implementation
> on  GNU Hurd" as our project.

Why do you want to re-invent the wheel? Samba can do that job, right?
Or do you want to implement it as a filesystem?  In that case you can
use libsmbclient for accessing CIFS shares and use a Hurd library like
libnetfs to implement the filesystem.

It should be really easy to do.

Can you please give more information about what you want to do, etc?

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