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Re: fifo, mmap, errors [better patch]

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: fifo, mmap, errors [better patch]
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2003 15:34:53 +0300
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
I'll join the nitpicker group here to. :-) It is frowned upon sending
patches that are base64 encoded, since one cannot comment about
specific code changes when replying easily.  So, just "cut & paste"
your patch into the mail message instead, and put the ChangeLog entry
before the actualy diff.

Changelogs are conveniently made with Emacs. I usually send patches and their changelogs as separate attachments (changelog before patch) to the mail. In Mozilla, attachments are included in replies (if they are not considered binaries). I don't know about other Mail User Agents.

The patch is generated with something like

diff -urpN --exclude=ChangeLog --exclude=*~

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@{fmi.uni-sofia.bg,fsa-bg.org,jabber.net}>
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