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Re: Ext2fs 2GB limit status?

From: Ognyan Kulev
Subject: Re: Ext2fs 2GB limit status?
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 17:18:21 +0300
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Marco Gerards wrote:
Too bad you can't work on it :(.

Given that I work on ext3fs in order to graduate in November, it's not that bad :-)

> I think it would be nice if you'd
> put this in hurd-extras.  Unfortunately I don't have the time to work
> on this the first 5 months (perhaps longer).

There is a possibility that I'll remove all debug stuff from alpha 3 and release beta 1 till the end of the month. Until ext2fs limit becomes shared effort, I prefer not to put it in a kind of public CVS. Of course, any technical comments and user experience are welcomed and I'll do my best to change the patch appropriately.


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