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RE: prealpha hush release

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: RE: prealpha hush release
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 00:21:11 +0100


 > Correct me, if I am wrong here, José, but Hush, is another specie
 > member of the type of shells, it is one of the many shells found
 > inside Busy Box, and is also available separately. What José has done,
 > is bring it to the HURD projects. And incidentally, I'm not the owner
 > of the named utility there, that's someone else's credit. 

I am somewhat confused. I did not know that another project named
"HUSH" was lurking around (another shell, indeed!) 

My HUSH mean for HUrdish SHell, and is an extension to GNU bash to support
Hurd interpreted translators. It is entirely new work. It not relates
to any other shell.

So apologizes for the name conflict. I am thinking on other names
for my bash extension. Any idea? :)

Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch@es.gnu.org>
GNU Spain        http://es.gnu.org
GNUs Not Unix!   http://www.gnu.org
"And if cynics ridicule freedom, ridicule community... if 'hard nosed
realists' say that profit is the only ideal...just ignore them, and
use copyleft all the same." -- RMS

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