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Re: HTML mail use

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: HTML mail use
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:43:36 +0100
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On Mon, Jan 26, 2004 at 05:03:32PM -0500, Gregg C Levine wrote:
> Hello from Gregg C Levine
> Here's a suggestion to the list-owners if they are listening. Can the
> list settings be reset to bounce HTML formatted mail, regardless of
> the facts regarding the addressee? 

We want people to be able to communicate with us.  Instead rejecting them by
default, I think we should take the trouble and talk to them (please by
private mail) about it.  Do you want to do that, please?  Most people don't
do this to annoy us, but simply because they are unaware of the
consequences.  Often, they might even be unaware that they do send HTML
mail, because it is the default in many GUI mailers.  When told about it,
many people will choose to disable it.

You are free to filter out or ignore HTML mail on your side, of course.


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