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Re: console-client problem

From: M. Gerards
Subject: Re: console-client problem
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 22:30:33 +0100
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Quoting "Dmitry V. Zhulanov" <elf@land5.nsu.ru>:

> > > May be rpctrace will be more informative? its size about 6.5k
> > 
> > Perhaps, but it would be more useful to know if it segfaults or
> > not.  Please send it to be sure.
> The probles is not segfaults, because ctrl-alt-bksps works

In one of your previous mails you said it did not work.  Did this change
or did I misunderstand something.  Do you know why it changed if this
was the case?

If ctrl-alt-bs works this means that the console client works.  More likely
"make install" overwrote your /etc/ttys.  Can you check if it is correct?

> > > > First you will have to find out if it segfaults, otherwise you can
> > > > better attach gdb to the console client and debug the pc_kbd driver.
> Now I haven't another computer to do this remotely, but here some
> additional info:
> input hangs in a next fragment of code from pc_kbd_start:
> ============
> if(gnumach_v1_compat)
> {
>   int data = KB_EVENT;
>   err = device_set_status (kbd_dev, KDSKBDMODE,
>       &data, 1); // here gdb hangs

This is weird.  Does this happen the first time when you start the console?

>   if(err)
> =============
> also if I press keys many times soon I see message "kbd: queue full" for
> each key press

Well, I have seen this once before but I do not remember what could be 
the cause of this.  My guess is that it is caused by debugging. (Not
closing the device, etc.).  Did this happen the first time when you
tried debugging?

> when I can access to another box, I check it remotely.

Thanks. :)

> > You can also try the ncursesw driver, if you think it is a problem
> > of the keyboard driver:
> > 
> > console -d ncursesw /dev/vcs
> It hangs and even ctrl-alt-bksps doesn't work, and now I cant check it
> if it works romotely.

Well, it does not use the ctrl-alt-bs combination to terminate the client,
instead control-w x is used (IIRC).

> > I have used GNUMach 1.2 and the Hurd from CVS just a week ago and this
> > worked perfectly for me.  Perhaps your configuration is not correct
> where I can get new souces, most of links dead :(

You can find information about checking out the sources here:

For GNUMach you can better use the branch "gnumach-1-branch".


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