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Re: About contributing to hurd

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: About contributing to hurd
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:29:05 +0100
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mayur kulkarni <mayurkulkarni2004@yahoo.co.in> writes:

> i am, mayur kulkarni, studying  final year of computer science and engg.
> i am interested to contribute to hurd.
> i am using it.
> please mail me what to do.
> i will take as small project....


For some reason the mailserver I am used marked this mail as spam, I
hope it did not happen to other people as well.

What does look interesting to you and what can you do?  Feel free to
pick any task you like, as long no one else is working on it.

Here are several lists with tasks that need to be done:


Even if a task is assigned to someone you can just ask on this list if
someone is actively working on that task.  If you think something
important is missing, feel free to propose some thing to work on.

But please send a mail to this list before you start working on it to
prevent someone will do the same work.


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