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Re: xkb

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: xkb
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 12:33:49 +0100
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elf@land5.nsu.ru (Dmitry V. Zhulanov) writes:

> Hi!
>       I test xkb-0.3. Default directory as described in README is
>       /etc/X11/xkb, but xkb by default set it as /home/marco/src/xkb.
>       Starting console with
>       # console -d xkbd --keymapfile=/etc/X11/xkb/keymap/hurd
>       -xkbdir=/etc/X11/xkb /dev/vcs

Yes, that version is still a bit of a hack with its defaults. :)

Try this: 

console -d vga -d xkb --keymapfile=keymap/hurd --xkbdir=/etc/X11/xkb --keymap 
en_US /dev/vcs 2>/dev/null

And when you report something, please show the commands you use
exactly like you typed them (you had xkbd, -xkbdir) because it makes
it hard to find the problems because of that.

>       fails with output:
>       Dir: /etc/X11/xkb, file /etc/X11/xkb/keymap/hurd sect: (null)
>       Could not open include file "symbols/compose". copyng
>       [xkbsrc]/Compose to /et/X11/xkb/symbols/compose follow to
>       console died with error "Unexpected end of file". I did
>       something wrong or something else?

The Compose file should not be copied to /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/compose,
those files are not compatible.  Can you restore the old one?

The Compose file should be used in another way, like I explained in

I think this problem was caused by the keymapfile argument, it
should've been relative.

I hope to release the new xkb plugin later this month.  This one does
not have the stupid debug output (this causes the cursor to move, fix
this with 2>/dev/null).  And the new version will have support for the
XFree 4.3 syntax.  I will try to clean the code up and add
accessibility support (AccessX in XFree).

Please keep testing it, I really appreciate that.  It is still under
active development and testing will help a lot.


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