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Hurd build errors

From: Eric Olinger
Subject: Hurd build errors
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:19:59 -0800

        I've been working on building the CVS Hurd so I can work out an ebuild 
for it
and I've ran into a few problems. First is when the build system is making 
it can't find version.h for building the opts-version, which it should be 
looking for 
../version.h like libcons does. I don't know the build system well enough to 
into why its doing that. 

        After I symlinked version.h to the real one (quick hack), it died again 
for libc-symbols.h? Isn't this or shouldn't this be part of libc-dev? Is it in 
package that I'm missing?

Eric Olinger

Give a man a password, he'll log in for a day. Teach him to code, and he
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