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From: tonyaustine
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:33:09 -0800

Attn: friend/partner
PHONE NUMBER:2348033539926

I am the chairman contract award committee with the Nigeria national petroleum 
cooperation (NNPC) this committee was inaugurated by the present democratic 
government of my country headed by his Excellency CHIEF OLUSENGU OBASAJO to 
investigate the entire previous contract awarded by the late former head of 
state of Nigeria Gen SANI ABACHA.

However, at the course of executing our assignment we discover that some of the 
military officer floated company and award contract to themselves we also 
discover an over invoice contract to the tone of $30.5m floating in the apex 
bank of Nigeria waiting for claim, we discover that the original contractor has 
been paid is entitlement leaving the over invoice sum which we seek your mutual 
assistance to claim. Note that the reason why we need your assistance is 
because the civil service code of conduct don’t permit me to own an off shore 
account and beside the contract was executed by a foreign firm so I need your 
assistance to claim the fund.

What I need from you is mutual cooperation, honest and assistance I will use my 
position as the contract award chairman to secure all the contract document 
which will be used to transfer the right and privilege of the former contractor 
to you as soon as the process of documentation is completed the fund will be 
wired into your nominated bank account without any hitch.

i have revolve to give you 30% of the total sum to you for your assistance 
while 10% will be use for whichever expenses that might be incur at the course 
of this transaction 
 then the balance of 60% I hope to invest into real estate business or any 
viable business in your country. Note that the moment the fund is finally 
confirm into your account I will resign my appointment and come over to your 
country for the investment.

Finally, I will want you to provide me with the following information

1. Bank details were you might wish the fund to be wired.
2.Company and address
3.Cell phone number,land phone and fax numbers for easy communication.

Upon confirmation of the above information from you I will commence with the 
process of securing the fund release documents in your favor.
I await your urgent reply please call me today for more discussion.


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