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Postfix problems and a question about ext2

From: hexe_2003
Subject: Postfix problems and a question about ext2
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 11:38:02 +0200


First: Sorry for cross-posting. My default Mail account which I
always use is refused by gnu.org, see this:
The Postfix program

<help-hurd@gnu.org>: host mx10.gnu.org[] said: 550-Verification
    failed for <lantis@linux.net> 550-Called: 550-Sent:
    RCPT TO:<lantis@linux.net> 550-Response: 550 Recipient Rejected:
    resource consumption 550 Sender verify failed

As I am not familar with Postfix / Mailsystems in General, can
somebody explain me what this really means and howto resolv it ?
Then there is something else, more related to Debian GNU/Hurd
but I just want to be sure of that: My Debian GNU/Hurd can't boot,
 the module /hurd/ext2fs.static freezes. I then found out that the
Debian installer *forces* me to use a 0x83 Partition-ID and say
that the Hurd just runs on a Hurd fs which is 0x63 ! So maybe
my boot-problems are because of this... So there are some
work-arrounds I can imagine:
1.)  Make a 0x63 partition on my own and cross-compile Mach,
The Hurd and so on from scratch.
2.) Find a hidden setting in the debian installer to let me use a
0x63 Part-ID as Root ( it always tells me that root is mounted )
3.) Pass a boot-option to either Mach or ( as I understand the
system ) /hurd/ext2fs.static to use 0x83 instead of 0x63 ( as
aspected ? ).

Please mail back to lantis _at_ linux.net because hexe_2003..
is not my primary mail account ;)

With best regards,

Sascha "lantis _AT_ linux.net" Retzki
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