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GNU Mach & Hurd overview

From: Mark J. Rosenbaum
Subject: GNU Mach & Hurd overview
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 10:03:36 -0600
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I was interested in the current state of affairs for the GNU microkernel. project so I went to hurd home page. I find the microkernel. concept very interesting for parallel computers made up of Systems On a Chip (SOCs), an area of interest to me for twenty years. I would agree with your assessment of reference manual as being sub optimal as a tutorial. Since it's probably not intended as such I wasn't sure how to make suggestions so I'll start with an email and we can go from there.

A faq would be a nice way to find out what people don't understand and would like to know. This format is easy to follow and often become self organizing after a short while.

A basic tutorial on OSes would be nice. A single graphic of the different lays from machine hardware to microkernel to services to user apps would do. It could also be compared with integrated kernels, machine hardware to kernel to apps. A brief discussion of the pros and cons and why the world has not seen the light yet would also be helpful.

It's been my experience, both as a developer and a development manager, that getting developers to document is painful but getting them to answer specific questions is less so. Clearly you don't want them to spend their time writing doc instead of writing code but a little doc is a wonderful thing.



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