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Very Important supply business partnership.

From: kojomasakq
Subject: Very Important supply business partnership.
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 14:53:38 +0200

ATTN : Dear sir,

It is of great importance that I would like us to do this important supply
business together for both of us to profit meaningfully. I want you to know
that i am presently working with a firm situated here in Abidjan, Ivory
Coast located at West Africa, My firm is a public / international relation
company, i am the corporate affair manager. This business i am bringing
to you came to me as a result of a seminal i attended on the 20th of January
2003 at this seminal, I was fortunate enough to meet a renown agriculturist,
owner of farm at different parts of West African countries, specialised
in large scale cattle realer and exporter of beef and agricultural product.
which is this personality I am referring to, took me into his confident
by informing me about a huge amount he spend on the purchase of a particular
and very important medicine for his cattle. He require 1800 cartons of this
medicine product, he wanted to know if my company could sort a cheaper supplier
of this product.

Therefore, I discussed this deal with my boss of which we took great stress
to look for this product and discovered that this product could be purchase
very cheep in Europe for $2,000.00 USD per carton, my boss decided to carry
out the supply himself. We sent to the ALHAJI a sample of this medicine/
vaccine ordered directly from the manufacturing company, I took time to
undergo a little research to know he use to buy the product for $ 6,300.00
USD, so we made the price at $4,500.00 USD ) he was satisfy with it. and
also the medicine was exactly what he wanted. ALHAJI, decide to give us
a tray by ordering for 250 cartons of this product we made the supply to
him of which he paid in cash. I was suppose to get 35% of the total profit
derived from this deal, my boss decided to renegade on our agreement, he
breach what we agreed upon by giving me what he termed an offer of appreciation,
I knew fully well that he used the company?s money for this deal without
the consort of the chairman and the CEO, but I have no concrete proof. I
felt betrayed, he never say any thing to me pertaining to this deal, so
I assume that the transaction between my boss and ALHAJI has ended I was
disappointed and let down by his greediness. Since then our relationship
has been low and uncompromising I have since accepted it as one of life

As faith would have it, I intercepted some mails from ALHAJI, address personally
to my boss, I was shocked to know that he has made two more supply to him
on June 18th and September 26th 2003 without involving me in it, also ALHAJI
is requesting for the supply of 500 cartons of this product due to the excessive
growth of his animal farm and a little out break of disease among his cattle
in Mali. I contacted the ALHAJI and convinced him that I can arrange for
another international supplier of this product at a cheaper rate of $4,000.00
USD per carton but he will have to pay 50% up front to the international

In brief this transaction entails me and you now supplying at a cheaper
rate of $4,000.00 dollars to this wealthy client (ALHAJI USMAN MUBARAKU
president of DALIYA AL MUBARAKU FARMS ETS), now this client is ready to
effect an advance payment of 50% of the total money to us, of which it is
this advance payment we are going to use in executing the full quantity
order by them. The client do not want dealing with intermediaries but require
direct dealing with the manufacturing company which i promise him that i
will link him with.

Now for us to successfully secure this first supply and also future supplies
to be able to receive the 50% advance up front payment from the client,
we will have to present ourselves to this client as the owner of this company
that manufactures this vaccine and I am your representative here in Cote
D'Ivoire West Africa. This strategy will solidify us fully into this business
and safeguard outsiders from taking it away from us like my wicked boss.
Please note that this vaccine is called ALUXI B12 Animal medicine.

If you find this strategy above Ok, i will be glad if you intimate me in
your next mail so that I will now furnish you in details the contact of
this client and that of the real manufacturing company in Europe. Beside
I am going to brief you in detail how we will execute this transaction so
that my boss who betray me previously when we did this business together,
will no longer be in a position to embark upon it again to retake the business
back. Please note that ALHAJI MUSA USMAN MUBARAKU must not know our direct
source of purchase as I intend to continue this deal with him, if not, he
will not be needing our service any more for further supply of this vaccine.
Please endeavour to call me urgently on my direct line +22507667513. i will
be expecting your call.

I Shall be looking forward to a good partnership in business after the success
of this particular supply.

Best regards,
Mr.Kojo Masakq.

Cher monsieur, C'est une grande importance, je voudrais que nous fassions
les affaires importantes d'approvisionnement tous ensemble pour mieux profiter.
Je représente la compagnie publique / internationale de relation en Côte
d'Ivoire de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, je suis le directeur d'affaire de 
Je cherche un investisseur unique et extérieur avec qui je travaillerais
dans la confiance en tant que conseiller. Veuillez noter que c'est un 
intéressant avec un retour garantie. Il nécessite de fournir un vaccin fortement
important à un compagnie riche du nom de Alhaji Musa Mubaraku de
client que le 11ème président Daliya Al Mubaraku cultive. En attendant nous
allons être en mesure pour recevoir le paiement anticipé de 50% pour
exécuter l'achat et le fournir à partir de cette compagnie remarquable 
Veuillez me contacter dans les meilleurs détails complets. Les meilleurs
souvenirs .Kojo Masakq.

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