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Re: GCC 3.4 fixes and small io_seek fix

From: James Morrison
Subject: Re: GCC 3.4 fixes and small io_seek fix
Date: 07 May 2004 17:16:23 -0400
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Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> writes:

> The first part of this patch makes the Hurd compile with gcc
> 3.4. Because gcc 3.4 omits all unused code, you've to give it the
> attribute(used) instead of unused. It also gives errors when there are
> labels at the end of a statement and the linux code in pfinet has some
> of those. Since pfinet is a hack anyway and I didn't want to touch too
> much code I didn't fix it as cleanly as possible.
> The second patch fixes the bug-fseek glibc test case. POSIX requires
> that we fail with EINVAL when the resulting file position is smaller
> than 0.
> Jeroen Dekkers
> libstore/
> 2004-05-07  Jeroen Dekkers  <jeroen@dekkers.cx>
>       * libstore/store.h (STORE_STD_CLASS): Use attribute(used) instead
>       of unused.

 Wouldn't it be better to check which version of gcc is being used and then
use the correct attribute instead of blindly using used or unused.


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