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Where the top funds are putting their money

From: Louis Webber
Subject: Where the top funds are putting their money
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 19:59:43 +0100

Wall Street Wire
Immediate Undervalue Alert
Our April Alert (ALAN) was a Home Run Pick:
82 to 2.34 in 3 Days (+185%)

Here is our Grand Slam for May:
D P R I: Watch your screen, don't miss out!

$Billion Dollar Insurance Companies use DPRI
to Investigate Product Failures and Recover Lost Claims!
Diversified Product Inspections, Inc. (OTC.BB DPRI) reports
Revenue Growth up over 600% in last 5 years!

DPRI Posts Record Profits -
Revenues: 2.4 Million in '03 vs. 1.9 Million in '02
2003 EARNINGS: 4 cents per share
2004 Revenues (proj): 3.2 Million
2004 EARNINGS (est): 7 cents per share
Shares Outstanding: 14.9 Million (10.4 restricted, 4.5 free-trading)
Current Price: .28
3-Day Run: .92 (Stock should be trading here based on earnings)
Estimated High for 2004: 1.68 based upon average industry PE (22-26)

DPRI - A Well-Kept Secret:
Even after saving the largest insurance companies tens of millions of dollars
while compiling an impressive 14-year history of continuous growth, DPRI
remains relatively unknown to investors with shares trading at rock-bottom
prices. DPRI is a leader at the highest level specializing in the investigation
and laboratory analysis which determines the cause and origin of product
failures, commercial and residential fires, and in-depth air quality analysis
for a Fortune 500 client list that reads as a "who's-who" of the insurance
Allstate, Bankers Security, C.N.A., Fireman's Fund, Florida Farm Bureau,
Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Prudential, Reliance, Republic,
Safeco, State Farm, Travelers, USAA, United Pacific, and Zurich American

This phenomenal customer list is unheard of for any Company at this price
level - and this is only a partial list. DPRI currently provides investigative
services for over 2,000 insurance adjusters in more than 40 states
representing nearly 100 of the nation's largest insurers.

Insurers Recovering Claims Leads to Record Number of Inspections:
The number of annual product inspections performed by DPRI with regard
to investigating defects has tripled to 10,000 per year up from 3,000 three
years ago as insurers see the financial rewards of identifying the exact cause
of a defective or failed product.

Insurance claims in the US run into the hundreds of millions of dollars each
year with a vast majority of these claims resulting from product failures
caused by defects. Insurance companies routinely pay the policy holder for
damage when a claim is submitted but can recover from the manufacturer
the money paid out when the findings of an investigator determines that
damages were caused by a product defect. The insurance company's right to
recover funds from the manufacturer is a legal principle called subrogation
which cost-effectively saves millions for the insurer while helping to avoid
rising premiums for the consumer.

DPRI's Findings Influence Hi-Profile Cases:
DPRI investigators are recognized by the Courts as experts in their field
whereby their testimony carries tremendous weight as to the final outcome
of an insurance related lawsuit. Here are some examples in which DPRI
investigations enabled the client to achieve a successful verdict in a
subrogation claim:
Masonite Siding Class Action Lawsuit: DPRI's findings resulted in a $4.3
Billion class action settlement.
Louisiana Pacific Class Action Lawsuit: DPRI inspected 2,000 homes in 19
states for defective siding. DPRI developed a method of positively
identifying the defect. The result was a $750,000 class action settlement for
the client.
California Strip Mall Fire Damage: DPRI positively identified the origin,
cause, and manufacturer of a battery charger responsible for heavy fire
damage to a shopping mall. DPRI's client, Reliance Insurance, was able to
subrogate (recover) a $1,000,000 claim.
Ply-Gen (Hoover) vs. Pulte Home: DPRI investigations and lab analysis
resulted in a $23.3 Million settlement to the homeowners.

The Most Valuable Database In The Industry:
DPRI owns an exclusive proprietary computerized database of over 300,000
product defects and failures including the key identifiers associated with
these products, a library of over 300,000 photographs with accompanying
documentation, and hundreds of videos. This database is the result of 10
years of research and is frequently updated. To the Company's knowledge,
there is no other company in the US with such an extensive database, and
any attempt to create one from scratch would be an undertaking of great time
and cost.

Many companies, organizations, and government agencies have approached
DPRI for the purpose of contractually paying for database access. DPRI has
entered negotiations to allow database access, and as a measure of its value,
closed on a contract to receive $1,000,000 from a single company for access
to the database for a 10-year period. This is just the start of what should be
an additional and sizable revenue stream.

Insurance Related Stock Investments - The Key To Success:
Billionaire-financial genius Warren Buffet has grown his Berkshire
Hathaway empire (trading at over $80,000 per share) on the explosive cash
flow from 3 insurance subsidiaries: National Indemnity, GEICO, and
reinsurance giant General Re.

DPRI is being force-fed ever increasing amounts of business by the leading
core of this very successful sector but has remained below the radar of
investors, thus creating a share price that is artificially undervalued. DPRI
has the proven experience that fosters escalating revenues and growth. Based
on the very small float and the ability for the stock to jump sharply on any
real volume, upcoming news and continuous profits will lead to increased
exposure in conjunction with a soaring stock price.

Forward Looking Statements and Disclosure: Wall Street Wire (WSW)
cautions that small and micro-cap stocks are high-risk investments and that
some or all investment dollars can be lost. We suggest you consult a
professional investment advisor before purchasing any stock. WSW is not
offering securities for sale or solicitation of any offer to buy or sell
securities. WSW has received thirty thousand dollars from a third party for
the dissemination of this company profile. Since we have received
compensation there is an inherent conflict of interest in our statements and
opinions. Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue
reliance on forward-looking statements, which are based on certain

assumptions and expectations involving various risks and uncertainties, that
could cause results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-
looking statements.

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