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From: dozie_esho
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 04:23:14 -0800

Dozie Esho


We are sorry to distract you by selecting your name among
other names in your country's directory in my father's library.
We wish to consult you at this point of our need to please
respond to us with full interest and sympathetic mind in
helping us provide a very good and reliable accountwhere
we can transfer our money.
My name is Dozie and my junior brother's name is Esho
 we are the only survived children of the former
millitary head of state of the republic of Cote
d'Ivoire who was assassinated along with two of his
wives including my mother,two of his sons and two
house helps on the nineteen day of november
2003(19th/11/2003)over political pursiut.
On the day of this incident,myself and my junior
brother were in the school in Ghana.when the tragic
news came,we were shocked and confused,we did not know
where to go because we could not travel back to Cote
D'Ivoire since we did not know the killers of our
parents and we knew that their intention was to close
our family entirely,so we decided to stay back in our
family house in Ghana.
Last week we decided to clean our father's cave in our
father's room in Ghana,we dicovered some documents
covering a huge Amount of money (Twelve million,nine hundred thousand 
my father deposited in a security company in europe,
It is on this note that we are contacting
you to please furnish us with the following
particulars as we were directed;
(1) your private phone number
(2) your fax number
(3) your complete name and address
We will be willing to send you the contact address of
the security company in europe so that you will contact them.And
for you to assist us transfer this money in your
private bank account, we will compensate you with 15%
of the total amount,all our hope is banked on you and
we really want you to help us manage our investment
for some years untill we finish our education.
 Among the documents we found was the deposit slip
that was issued to my father by the security company on the date
of deposit, please we do not expose ourselves to
anybody we see, we believe that you are able to keep
this transaction secret for us because this money is
the hope of our life, it is important.
Please write us immediately after you must have gone
through our message fill free and make it urgent. That
is the reason why we offered you 15% of the total
ammount, and in case of any other necessary expenses
you might incure, 5% has been mapped out to pay you
back. Try and negotiate for us some profitable blue
chip investment opportunities which is risk free which
where we can invest this money when it is transferred
to your account, N.B our late father used the name of
my junior brother (Esho) as the beneficiary /
next of kin on the day of the deposit as stated in the
document and right now we need an assistance of a
foreigner with a legitimate bank Account abroad who
will stand as co-beneficiary and partner abroad to
ensure a successful hitch free transfer of the fund
We pray that neither you nor your children will never
pass through our predicament.
Thanks and God bless,

Yours Faithfully,
Dozie Esho

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