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Re: Removing qlogicisp binary only firmware from GNU Mach

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Removing qlogicisp binary only firmware from GNU Mach
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 06:11:05 +0200

[The joys of replying to yourself]

   Maybe we could like get my NIC patch commited to?

The only problem that I see with this patch is that I keep
ChangeLog's, so if one uses the whole ChangeLog when commiting one
will screw up history.  Specially if you have something like:

2000-01-03  Foo Bar  <none@all>

        * foo.c: Reverted last change.

2000-01-02  Foo Bar  <none@all>

        * foo.c: Twiddle frobs.

2000-01-01  Foo Bar  <none@all>

        * foo.c: New file.

This all will look like as the first entry, the addition of a new
file, including that the whole thing will be in the CVS log message.
Totally screwing up sanity for all future generation hackers who will
read the logs; and wonder what really happened.

The only solution for that is to split the thing into seperate
patches, get one commited, then the next, and so on.  I am willing to
do that spliting, but the longer we wait the harder it will be to
seperate those changes for me.

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