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reply urgently

From: albulbarkasmith
Subject: reply urgently
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 17:27:27 +0100

Dear sir,

I'm very delighted to have send you this email seeking
your assistance in a great business venture detailed
below. My names are Mr.Douglas Toyin.(Esq) Like i told

As an attorney here in london, On April 14th 1999, a
client of mine named Sir.Thomas Nick(Deceased)contacted me
that I should perpare his will, which I did thereafter.He
was a very rich british man and was one of London ten top
most real estate giant then. Sir.Thomas Nick was married to
Lady.SUSAN Nick but they had no children.

On Sept 11th 2001 he died with the wife inside the
world trade centre in New york at the age of 58. After
his death, as his attorney,I informed all the
benificaries of his will to come forward so that I can
read the will to them, out of the nine benificaries
of his will only eight came up for the claims, for
over two years i have being in search for the ninth
benificary which i could not locate till just in December
last year that I got to know that he also died in the WTC.

This ninth benificary was WILLED US$19.4M that
was deposited in a security company in Madrid,Spain.and the
money is lying down in this secrity company unclaimed but I
never told the company that the benificary of the fund is

Now,what I want from you is to allow me front you as
this ninth benificary to enable us make claims to this
funds kept in Madrid,Spain.

Once you are ready I will go to the british court
here in london to have the will amended in your favor
as the ninth benificary and A POWER OF ATTORNEY will
be issued to you from the court, then you will contact
the security company inMadrid,Spain that you are the ninth
benificary of the fund kept with them my partner will
assist you out there in europe this fund can also be
transfered into a bank account details your will have
to provide.

Please kindly forward to me the following information,
so that I can prepare a Power of Attorney for you and
I will submit the details to security company where
the funds is deposited. The security company will
contact you as soon as I submit a power of Attorney in
your name to them.

Please send me the information below:

1.Your full names/address.

2.Your marital status/occupation.

3.Your telephone/fax number.

4.Copy of your international passport or drivers licence.

As soon as I get these details from you, I will
prepare a Power of Attorney for you and I will submit
them to the security company in Madrid,Spain so that
they can contact you and ask you to come forward with
your claims.

Please reply ugently.

NB.I will also prepare an Agreement between both of us
regarding the sharing of the funds.The Fund is
US$19.4M and you will get 30% of the total sum,60% and 10%
for incurred expenses that may araise in the cause of this

Note:I advise you maintain totalconfidentaility during the
cause of this transaction.I want to beleive that I can
count on your co-operation.

Please reach me through my private email

I await your quick reply

Mr.Albulbarka smith
Notary Public.


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