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hangs with (hd0,2)/hurd/ext2fs.static

From: Shakthi Kannan
Subject: hangs with (hd0,2)/hurd/ext2fs.static
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 11:36:15 -0800 (PST)


Thanks to Anand Babu for getting us started on
GNU/Hurd. I have installed Knoppix 3.6 to hard disk.
Have made a 1 GB Linux native partition for GNU/Hurd
(/dev/hdb3). Created the filesystem using:

#mke2fs -b 4096 -o hurd /dev/hdb3

Mounted the same using:

#mount /dev/hdb3 /gnu

Installed crosshurd, executed it. Obtained grub floppy
image from ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub.  Wrote to
floppy using:

#dd if=grub-0.90-i386-pc.ext2fs of=/dev/fd0 bs=512
Rebooted to grub.At grub prompt,

    ("find /boot/gnumach.gz" returns (hd0,2)
grub>    kernel (hd0,2)/boot/gnumach.gz
root=device:hd1s3 -s
grub>    module (hd0,2)/hurd/ext2fs.static
        --exec-server-task=${exec-task} -T typed
        $(task-create) $(task-resume)
grub>    module (hd0,2)/lib/ld.so.1 /hurd/exec
grub>    boot
Boot log:
GNU Mach 1.3
AT386 boot: physical memory from 0x0 to 0x7ff0000
...pci probe

Partition check (DOS partitions):
    hd0: hd0: status timeout: status=0xff { Busy }
hd1: disabled DMA
hd0: drive not ready for command
ide0: reset timed-out, status=0xff
hd0: status timeout: status=0xff { Busy}
end_request: I/O error, dev 03:00, sector 0
hd0: drive not ready for command
    unable to read partition table
    hd1: hd1s1 hd1s2 hd1s3 hd1s4
2 multiboot modules
task loaded: (hd0,2)/lib/ld.so.1 /hurd/exec
start (hd0,2)/hurd/ext2fs.static:

Any help in getting the prompt is appreciated.


K Shakthi

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