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The New Security System - SecurityEgold

From: E-Gold
Subject: The New Security System - SecurityEgold
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 22:58:11 +0000

Dear E-gold payment system users!

The recent cases of fraud, unauthorized withdrawal of cash from our clients' 
accounts and recurred attempts of hackers to access our server forced us to 
implement a new security system. The special program will ensure safe 
connection of your computer to our server by means of a unique encoded key, 
specially generated for each account. Only the combination of your login, 
password and the key will allow you to access the system. The program is 
enclosed to the message and doesn't need any installation. By one click you 
will be connected to the server and the program will generate the key. After 
that you will enter your account from Internet Explorer, which is absolutely 
safe. You will be signed out of the program automatically after closing the 
window. See the detailed operational instruction enclosed to the program. 

We have to warn you, that if you want to be the user of our system in future, 
you'll have to accept our rules and to use this program. Otherwise please call 
the numbers below to withdraw your funds. For the detailed information please 
enter our site or use our hot line to contact us by phone.

Our Contacts:
+1(212) 203-4034
+1(212) 561-5041
+1(212) 561-5074
+1(212) 920-2092

Best regards, E-Gold.com

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