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glibc (was: weirdo panic)

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: glibc (was: weirdo panic)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:23:04 +0100
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On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 04:42:11PM +0100, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> What version of glibc are you compiling by the way? And with what
> options?

I tried both HEAD and glibc-2_3-branch, however none of the builds has
succeeded, yet.

For glibc-2_3-branch I had to add '#include <stdint.h>' to
libio/fmemopen.c.  (You have fixed that in HEAD, but not in
glibc-2_3-branch; I sent you an email about that some days ago but
didn't get an answer, yet.)

Options to configure were the following:
  --with-headers=[...]/gnumach/include:[...]/hurd/include \
  --without-gd --without-cvs \
  --disable-profile --enable-add-ons

I removed {nptl,linuxthreads}/configure before configuring glibc.

binutils is binutils-2_15-branch and gcc is gcc-3_4-branch.
CFLAGS='-Os -pipe -march=athlon-xp'.
Perhaps I should take '-Os' out of $CFLAGS.

What version of glibc is recommended?  (... for those who don't want to
use Debian packages.)


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