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[PATCH] libpager's stub functions doesn't update seqno

From: Sergio Lopez
Subject: [PATCH] libpager's stub functions doesn't update seqno
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:33:37 +0200


Hurd's libpager library makes use of the port's sequence number (seqno) to
serialize requests. The stub functions (stubs.c notify-stubs.c) doesn't
properly update this number, so when they are called (pretty unusual,
but it happens on some special situations, i.e. when GNU Mach tries to
access a pager with the ports previously unallocated by
object-terminate.c) the next request is waiting forever in

Changelog entry:

2005-08-10  Sergio Lopez  <koro@sinrega.org>

        * seqnos.c (_pager_stubs_update_seqno): New function.
        * priv.h (_pager_stubs_update_seqno): New function.
        * notify-stubs.c (_pager_do_seqnos_mach_notify_port_deleted):
        Call _pager_stubs_update_seqno to properly update seqno.
        (_pager_do_seqnos_mach_notify_msg_accepted): Likewise.
        (_pager_do_seqnos_mach_notify_port_destroyed): Likewise.
        (_pager_do_seqnos_mach_notify_send_once): Likewise.
        (_pager_do_seqnos_mach_notify_dead_name): Likewise.
        * stubs.c (_pager_seqnos_memory_object_data_write): Likewise.
        (_pager_seqnos_memory_object_supply_completed): Likewise.

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