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Jian Sing Bank

From: David Lee
Subject: Jian Sing Bank
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 06:02:00 +0000


Let me start by introducing myself. I am Mr.David Lee. director of
operations of the Jian Sing Bank,41/F, Tower 1, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway,
Hong Kong.I have  a mutual beneficial business suggestion for you.

I saw your contact during my private search for a relaible and trustworthy
foriegner that will assist me in finalising this transaction and i Want to
believe that You will be very honest,committed and capable of assisting in
this Business Venture.

Firstly, let me explain the source of this funds and What you are Expected
to do. A forigner late mohamed kamal yasser, oil Merchant/contractor
,untilHis death, over the past years ago, was a victim of an Egyptian
airline Flight 990 plane  crash.here is details about the Plane

The deceased, mohamed kamal yasser, banked with us and Has a closing Balance

As a july 2000 worth $45m (fourty five million usd). Which my bank,Now
expectes a next-of-kin to claim as the beneficiary Of the funds,Efforts has
been made by my bank directors to get in touch with the mr mohamed Kamal

Family or relative but to no success based on the Perceived possibility Of
Not being able to locate mohamed kamal's Next-of-kin, the Management under
the influence of our chairman and the board of Directors are Making
Arrangements for the funds to be declared unclaimed And channeled to
An unknown account.

However,based on this that we have contacted you to Stand as the Next-of-kin

Of late mohamed kamal yasser so that the funds will be Released and Paid
Into your account as the beneficiary and the Next-of-kin to the Deceased.

All documents,and proof to enable you get the funds have been carefully
Worked Out as we have secured from the different offices Concerned for the
Smooth Transfer of the fund to your nominated account.it has Been agreed
that the Owner of the account will be compensated with 30% of the remitted
Funds,While we keep 65% and 5% will be set aside to offset expenses both
Locally And international.

If this proposal satisfies you,please let me know for more information and
also send me your contact
Telephone and fax Number Including your cell phone number for quick and easy

I await your urgent response, all the best and god Bless you. Please

Yours faithfully,

David lee.

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