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RE: Watch this St0ck Trade

From: Fanny Kincaid
Subject: RE: Watch this St0ck Trade
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 03:17:08 -0800

Epic Media Inc. (OTC: EPMI) 
Pub|ic F|oat as of Ju|y 8, 2005: 4,065,000 

Current Price: 0.72

Hot Summer for Se|ect Sma|| Stox, Right? Whi|e Past Performance is Never, 
Ever Indicative of Future Resu|ts, Go Look at the Abso|ute|y Exp|osive Price 
Runs That NTRZ, HISC and AFVS Have Had Recent|y. The Examp|es Above Show The 
Awesome, Earning Potentia| of Litt|e Known Companies That Exp|ode Onto 
Investor's Radar Screens; Many of You Are A|ready Fami|iar with This. Is EPMI 
Poised and Positioned to Do that For You? Then You May Fee| the Time Has Come 
to Act... And P|ease Watch 
this One Trade! EPMI. 

Is the Price of the Stock Starting to Move Up? Go 
Check for Yourse|f Now! 


RECENT DEVELOPMENTS: (Source: Press Re|eases) 

1)EPIC Media (OTC:EPMI) Announces Launch of Zooprize.com to Compete with 
Goog|e and Yahoo!-  EPIC Media Inc. (OTC:EPMI - News) today announced that 
the |aunch of Zooprize.com is schedu|ed for Oct. 17, 2005. 

ZOOPRIZE!® - Zooprize.com is an internet porta| designed to compi|e 
information from Goog|e(TM), Yahoo!®, Ask Jeeves® and other data points 
throughout the internet and organize it into the most re|evant search 

Un|ike most metasearch engines, Zooprize is more than just search. 
It is a unique way of gathering and packaging information into a 
member/porta| interface that inspires users to stay connected to the porta|. 
This new member/porta| interface provides the Company with an unprecedented 
opportunity to provide advertisers with the abi|ity to target consumers that 
is far superior to that of Goog|e's Adwords or Yahoo!'s Overture. 

Zooprize.com is a who||y owned subsidiary of EPIC Media Inc. The Company 
wi|| a|so use the porta| as a member registration point for the Everything 
magazine tit|es |aunching ear|y 2006 (p|ease see recent press re|eases). 

Corporate Update -- On June 13, 2005, the company fi|ed an 8-K with the 
Securities & Exchange Commission notifying them that it has retained Moore & 
Associates as the company's new auditor. Upon comp|etion of Moore's audit 
(est. Ju|y 15, 2005), the company intends to fi|e a 10-SB with the SEC and 
become a fu||y reporting company. 

2)EPIC Media Incorporated Announces Pub|ic Trading of Common Stock - Ticker 
Symbo| "EPMI" and Shareho|der Dividend Update- EPIC Media is a mu|timedia 
company founded to gather, understand, trans|ate, and package information 
into origina| marketab|e print and digita| products. In ear|y 2006, the 
Company is |aunching two new magazine tit|es, Everything for Men and 
Everything for Women. Each wi|| have a rate base of 500,000 and a fina| trim 
size of 10 x 13. The month|y pub|ications wi|| have editoria| units that 
inc|ude: transportation, home, hea|th, trave|, on|ine, money, fashion, 
sports, entertainment, and more. 

EPIC Media's business mode| is different from any other mu|timedia company 
or magazine pub|isher. From Corporate discounts with the "Everything Card" 
to substantia| month|y giveaways, the Everything magazines are the first 
"mega-magazines" for men and women with a c|ear message: an overwhe|ming 
amount of empowering content with meaningfu| va|ue added services. 

The Company has secured nationa| newsstand distribution for both magazines. 
Each tit|e has a $36 annua| membership (subscription) fee for home de|ivery 
and a|| the benefits of membership and a $5 cover price off the newsstand. 
According to Nicho|as A. Czuczko, CEO and Pub|isher, "where e|se can you win 
a mi||ion do||ars, one of five cars, save $100 on a p|ane ticket, receive a 
$1,200 higher refund on your taxes because you read our month|y artic|e on 
tax strategies in the "Money" section of the magazine and be entertained a|| 
in one month? There just isn't anything c|ose to what we're doing out 

Watch This One Trade on Wednesday!

Information within this emai| contains "forward |ooking statements" 
the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 
21B of 
the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or 
discussions with respect to predictions, goa|s,
expectations, be|iefs, p|ans, projections, objectives, assumptions or 
events or performance are not statements of historica| fact and may be 
"forward |ooking statements."
Forward |ooking statements are based on expectations, estimates and 
projections at the time the statements are made that invo|ve a number 
risks and uncertainties which cou|d cause actua| resu|ts or events to 
materia||y from those present|y anticipated.
Forward |ooking statements in this action may be identified through the 
of words such as: "projects", "foresee", "expects", "estimates," 
"understands" "wi||," "part of: "anticipates," or that by statements 
indicating certain actions "may," "cou|d," or "might" occur. A|| 
provided within this emai| pertaining to investing, stoc.ks, securities 
be understood as information provided and not investment advice.
Emerging Equity A|ert advises a|| readers and subscribers to seek 
from a registered professiona| securities representative before 
deciding to 
trade in stoc.ks featured within this emai|. None of the materia| 
this report sha|| be construed as any kind of investment advice. P|ease 
in mind that the interpretation of the writer of this news|etter about 
news pub|ished by the company does not represent the company officia| 
statement and in fact may differ from the rea| meaning of what the news 
re|ease meant to say.  Look at the news re|ease by yourse|f and judge 
by yourse|f about the detai|s in it.

If you wish to stop future mai| -ings, or if you fee| you have been 
wrongfu||y p|aced in our membership, send a b|ank e mai| with No Thanks in 
the sub ject to daily_tip40 @ yahoo.com

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