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Government Energy Supply - Why rely? Just come buy!

From: Solar Santa
Subject: Government Energy Supply - Why rely? Just come buy!
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 15:17:49 -0400

  Disappointed in your ulitity provider? Interupted during working hours? 
Water, heating or cooking unavailable? 

     Recent or soon to be enviromental disaster got you feeling under the 
   I rely on my solar panels. They can power everything from my PC, car 
accessories, home or even water pumps!

  With gas @ 4$ or even more per gallon, dont you think its time to go solar?

   Try our solar kits for home, garden and travel!

  Come visit us for good prices @ http://solarsanta.bravehost.com

   Once again; for cheap, reliable energy please visit :: 

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