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Order Confirmation

From: julia1mk8
Subject: Order Confirmation
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 11:31:50 +0300
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Want a business that runs itself?
Need an in.come over 50,000USD$ a month?
Need proof that a business_pays_out?
Want to see genuine testimonials?


This business makes you feel good.
It's easy to operate and will generate you
a high_in.come starting from day one.

No experience needed and no special skills

50k in 20 weeks if you spend 3 hours a week.

Anyone can do this.

Brand new business.

Limited period, get more info now.

Email me on christian@isp-q.com:

with "tellme" in the subject line.


If you would like to be deleted from this
lis.ting please send an email to:
christain@isp-q.com with "remove" in the
subject line and also accept my sincere apologies
for any inconvenience I have caused you.

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