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Re: Compile GNU Mach 1.3 drivers

From: Shakthi Kannan
Subject: Re: Compile GNU Mach 1.3 drivers
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:01:04 -0700 (PDT)


--- Thomas Schwinge
> Can
> you, Shakthi, verify that it works using a hack to
> make it build, like
> the one you posted?

It builds. I see a lpr.o. Using a "objdump -d kernel"
also shows the lpr functions. 

> I've also seen reports that GNU Mach's lpr isn't
> functional at all. 

But, I don't have a printer to test it out. Sorry.

I am looking at some driver examples in
gnumach-1-branch/i386/i386at, particularly kd.c. I
have to see how and where the keyboard is used in hurd
(in console-client/ ?) so I can understand the
communication between gnumach and hurd. rcptrace will



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