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Re : Further Details on your Catalog

From: Inds Products eCatalogs
Subject: Re : Further Details on your Catalog
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 02:45:18 +0530

Dear Sir,

Sub. : eCatalog Design & Development for your product / services /  company

First time in India , now eCatalog / eBrochure / eBook / ePhoto Album
Design and Development services are available and i.e  too with attractive
price tag. Our eCatalogs/eBooks are powered with copyrigted 3D page turning
effects to get the exact feel of page turns. 

You are requested to visit and enjoy the free eBooks/eBrochures/eCatalogs
download facility at our website with 100s of free samples for different
corporate segment and sectors. This dedicated web site will take you the
tour of ebook / eCatalog / eBrochure Design , Development and Samples.

Please do visit  http://ecatalog.100free.com

No matter what type of business you operate, chances are ebooks are already
or should be part of it. Most of us are familiar with the term and probably
have seen at least one ebook/eCatalog/eBrochure, but you may not have
realized how beneficial they could be for your business.

We design eCatalogs/eBooks/eBrochures for 

a)Product / Services Catalogue  
b)Company Brochure 
c)Product Manual / User Guides / Handbooks 
d)Educational Courses
e)Reference Manuals  
f)Magazines and Publications
g)Welcome Packs
h)E-Cards – Christmas Cards, Greeting Cards 
i)Photo Album – Weddings, Holidays, Memorable moments
k) Portfolios

Please visit our samples page and download the samples for sure, Please
click on below link to visit our samples page :

Ebooks/ECatalogs/Ebrochures/eHandBooks do have a number of benefits...To
name a few 

1) Very Much Affordable 
Our eBooks / eCatalogs don’t require expensive materials or
equipment.Reduces Data entry time and production costs

2) Inexpensive to Distribute
With most products, you have to cover some of the shipping costs and those
costs can be considerable. Our Ebooks are accessed by the customer directly
from the Internet, so no shipping charges are involved.

3) Appeal to a Wide Audience
Our eBooks / eCatalogs are designed to attract almost any type of
customers. Because we control the topics of your ebook, we decide who to

4) High Profit Potential
 eBooks designed and developed by us  cost little to create and to
distribute, but customers perceive them as being highly valuable so you can
charge more for them than you might expect. 

5)You can use ebooks/ ecatalogs designed by us  as marketing tools through
affiliate programs, contests, and more. Ebooks can also be transformed into
audio cassettes
 or other multimedia information products to further increase your profits. 

6) Our eCatalogs/eBooks/eBrochures are simple executable 

7 ) We produce small yet attractive file size publications and display them
as stand alone or view them inside a browser.Small in sizes 
(30 pages eBook with images / text / flash will be of just 500kb - 700kb
please download our samples to check the deliverables).

8) Can be viewed in multi-fashion mode like turn page mode,swap page mode,
slide page mode & Can be viewed in muti-speed mode  like

Some Quck links for ecatalog /eBook / eBrochure sample downlaods 

Industrial Product eCatalog :

Company Profile eBrochure :

Photo Album : http://ecatalog.100free.com/samples/wedding_sample.zip

Services eCatalog :

You can also visit our website http://ecatalog.100free.com/samples.htm to
downlaod and view more samples of eCatalogs and eBrochures. These are
simple ZIP files, UnZip it and click on exe file to view the special

After developing several electronic catalog/electronic book/electronic
brochure solutions for medium to small size businesses, we saw a need for a
solid online catalog solution. Companies were looking for a complete
electronic catalog package which is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.
We created a top of the line electronic catalog solution with your business
needs in mind. 

We Look forward to receive you favorable reply on the above with your
requirement in specifics. 

Thanking You,
Shefali Vaidya ( eCatalogs India )
Website for free tour : http://ecatalog.100free.com
Email : ecatalogindia@rediffmail.com
Free Download of eCatalog Samples : http://ecatalog.100free.com/samples.htm
Phone : +91 251 2420346 /2420347
Cell Phone ( eCatalog Division ) : 919820501457

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