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Re: [address@hidden: src/gas/testsuite ChangeLog gas/i386/divide.d ...]

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [address@hidden: src/gas/testsuite ChangeLog gas/i386/divide.d ...]
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 23:40:29 +0100

   > > On i586-pc-gnu, '/' anywhere on the line starts a comment.
   > > This is because the original x86 sysv assembler used '/' to
   > > start comments.  In mid 1998, I changed this for the linux
   > > version of x86 gas, so that '/' could be used in expressions as
   > > a divide operator.  Other flavours of x86 gas have followed
   > > suit since then.
   > Could you please bring that in sync for us as well?

   I can if you are sure you want it.  It will of course break any
   assembly source you have that happens to use / to start comments
   anywhere except the first column.

Please make the change.  There is no really good reason why we should
differ from GNU/Linux in this regard.  And if anything breaks, it will
be fixed.

   > Having a look at the source code I found [gas]/config/te-linux.h,
   > but no [gas]/config/te-gnu.h or similar.  E.g. in the Linux file,
   > `LOCAL_LABELS_FB' is defined to `1'.  Do we also need that?

   I can add that too.  It won't make a difference on most targets.
   eg. tc-i386.h defines LOCAL_LABELS_FB too.

Since it doesn't make a difference, I guess it is just easier to leave
it as it is.

Thank you.

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