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Re: The Hurd: what is it?

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: The Hurd: what is it?
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 17:10:31 +0100
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"Alfred M. Szmidt" <ams@gnu.org> writes:

> People are confused where to spend their time and have become more so
> now that Hurd/L4 might not even be a viable choice. Should time be
> spent on the currently working Hurd/Mach, should it be spent on the
> non-existant Hurd/L4, or should it be spent on the
> Hurd/something-that-doesn't-even-exist-yet?

Those people won't do anything anyways.  Since I have joined the
bug-hurd mailinglist, there was a discussion about switching to L4.
People said "When the Hurd runs on L4, I will help".  A fact is that
people will actively look for an excuse to do nothing.  I have heard
the same excuse in another form "I will help when the Hurd has sound

What we need is people that do what they want to do.  People who don't
depend too much on others, but investigate for themselves to see what
would be the best thing to do.  Those people are valuable to us, or at
least to me.

For example, I don't think GNU/Hurd on Mach will be the future.
Sergio and I talked about that on IRC a few days ago.  He will work on
Mach because he thinks it is possible and I will hope he will proof me

So the people who do the work count, I think we can safely ignore the
people who are just looking for excuses not to work on the Hurd.  If
people don't want to work, they won't.


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