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Re: ams-before-putsch

From: Thomas Bushnell BSG
Subject: Re: ams-before-putsch
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 20:33:24 -0800
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"Alfred M\. Szmidt" <ams@gnu.org> writes:

>    > Marcus, I'm not even sure how to talk to you.  Just remove that
>    > idiotic tag at once (unless I did it right).  You have no
>    > business calling what I am doing illegal, by force or sudden.
>    What did Marcus tag?
> The GNU Mach tree.
>    Marcus, can you find a name for the tag which is less provocative?
> Why is there a need for a tag at all?  It isn't like the patches are
> earth shaking, make huge changes or are untested.

I can't make sense of what you're saying.

You said to me that you hadn't committed anything; so what revisions
have been tagged?

Anyone can create a tag which will help them keep track of the source
code, for whatever purpose they wish.  There, I've made an Executive

That said, I do think that Marcus should choose a name which you do
not find hurtful.


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