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Re: commit access policies

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: commit access policies
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:52:45 +0100

   We could do development the way a wiki is run.

I might not understand what Tier Two is for, but I'm not suggesting a
wiki-style way of development (where anyone can get tier two access).
I'm suggesting a middle ground, where a tier two doesn't need to ask a
tier one to fix a bug, a compilation error or maybe add a new simple
feature without sending a small note to bug-hurd with the patch and a
description of what the thing does.  But _if_ a tier one says that the
patch is wrong, then the tier two should fix it accordingly.  Basiclly
giving tier twos a bit more slack, and some of the responsibility.
And a tier one just checks that things are ok.  New tier twos would
still have to ask about anything before committing.

Note, I only want to see this for the GNU Mach tree if I didn't note
that before.

   I have nothing against wikis, and perhaps even wiki-ish development
   of software would work.  But I don't want to try it here, with this

I'm against wikis, and wiki-ish development.  Nor am I suggesting that
kind of development style.

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